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About Us

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems Ltd (PID Systems) is the market leading provider of mobile CCTV tower and armoured portable battery powered visually verified alarm system technology.

Our ‘Armadillo’ systems are designed to operate over 3G-4G, satellite and Broadband/WiFi networks making them a truly versatile security solution for temporary or semi-permanent assignments.

PID Systems security products have been developed specifically for use in the following markets:

  • Utility – Gas, Electricity and Water
  • Property Refurbishment 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Vacant Property
  • Transport Networks
  • Defence
  • Roofs
  • Construction
  • Perimeter Security

As an official (ACPO CPU) ‘Secured by Design’ accredited company, Police forces across the UK recommend ‘Armadillo’ systems for use in the prevention of metal theft, yard perimeter security, compound security, asset protection, plant protection, health and safety auditing and remote site management.

We supply security systems on a weekly rental basis and can provide equipment only or a full turnkey package including site surveys, installation, monitoring and response to meet our customer's exact requirements. 

PID Systems prides itself on providing unrivalled customer support and focuses on continual technical product development to meet its customers’ changing needs and requirements. 

PID Systems holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.

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Solutions By Sector

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Civil Engineering Site Security

PID Systems is a market leading supplier of bespoke security products designed to meet the unique challenges of the civil engineering construction sector.

Whether guarding a single compound on a small project or protecting multiple compounds with valuable plant and materials spread over large areas, PID has a robust, reliable, cost effective solution. Our systems protect your plant, infrastructure and materials and fulfil your duty of care without the problems associated with man guards and traditional, fixed systems.

If you are involved in this sector, you know that historically your choices are expensive manned guards requiring the provision of welfare facilities, or, traditional hard wired electronic security systems which are reliant on continued provision of the site power supply and phone line. With our systems disruption to services is not an issue. Our highly flexible, standalone systems do not require the constant security engineer visits necessary for traditional, fixed systems to reroute wiring and move detection/cameras as the project progresses.

Our sector specific civils construction site security alarm systems provide a cost effective, highly reliable and totally flexible alternative and are immune to the problems experienced by traditional solutions.

All of our civil engineering construction site alarm systems are provided with full Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring 24/7 via PID Systems own in house SIA licenced staff control room. You can rest assured that in the event of an activation, you or your designated key-holders / response providers will be contacted in priority order by a real person at the moment of intrusion with video confirmation of cause.

Property Refurb

Commercial and residential property refurbishment projects have seen a dramatic increase in unauthorised access and subsequent theft, vandalism and damage over recent years. 

Criminals taking advantage of the temporary lack of services and therefore burglar alarm systems, access poorly secured doors and windows and help themselves when sites are vacated overnight and at weekends.  The cost of replacing stolen items and repairing damage can be high but also the resulting delays and inconvenience can cause problems.

Many people carrying out a self-build or renovation project believe that their builders and contractors will have insurance to cover the project or that a home insurance policy will cover a property that is undergoing a renovation. This simply isn’t the case. Therefore securing your assets during this vulnerable period is all the more important.

PID Systems use a range of purpose built visually verified standalone detectors and 120 dB voice warning units that alert our 24 hour manned control room of intrusion allowing an immediate response. As our systems are standalone, battery powered and work over 3G/4G there are no costly infrastructure works required, no impact on surrounding works and can be easily moved as the project progresses.

Roof Alarms

Historic buildings and churches across the country are being blighted by the theft of lead and copper from their roofs. For criminals keen to cash in on the high price of scrap metals, places of worship and period buildings often make an obvious target.

It’s not just the cost of replacing the materials that is the problem, it’s also the resultant damage - thieves have torn holes in roofs causing leaks and ripped stonework away from pinnacles and towers.

PID Systems produce a range of police approved, wireless security alarm systems specifically designed to provide a high level of external security against metal theft whilst having only a minimal impact on the aesthetics of your building.

Benefits include:

  • Highly effective at deterring metal theft
  • Specifically set up to detect and deter intruders before any damage is caused
  • Designed to be virtually invisible and reversible
  • Able to cover large roof areas cost effectively
  • Perfect for buildings in remote or rural locations - if the security system is activated, a planned response based on your specific instructions is carried out.

Utility Infrastructure

One of the fastest growing crimes in the UK is metal theft. Due to an increase in demand from Asian markets copper, lead, stainless steel, aluminium and scrap iron have all seen dramatic increases in value making them targets for theft.

The electricity, water and gas utilities infrastructures are seen as an easy target for organised criminal gangs and opportunist thieves alike, with no regard to the serious health and safety implications, and ensuing disruption their activities leave behind. Unfortunately remote sites are being targeted with monotonous regularity. 

PID Systems, working closely with a number of the UK’s leading utility suppliers have developed a range of standalone, armoured, wireless, battery powered (4 years) security products, designed for easy deployment and total reliability in the substation, WTW and gas supply network environments.

Whether you are experiencing copper earth strap and cable theft from substations or steel and aluminium theft from water treatment works PID has a solution. From site survey through to installation of our bespoke, armoured, wireless, battery powered ‘Armadillo’ CCTV Tower and Video Guard solutions, ongoing maintenance, alarm monitoring and response, PID can provide you with a complete site security package or certain elements of the package if you prefer.

Vacant Property

Secure your vacant property, perform your duty of care and comply with building insurance requirements with our dedicated Void Property Alarm.

Vacant property security has become increasingly important over the last few years due to the increased levels of squatting and metal theft. If you have a void property security issue and require a robust, high quality user-friendly security system, then we have a vacant property security alarm system to suit you.

Vacant property security alarm systems come in various shapes and sizes. We manufacture and supply a range of professional Police ‘Secured by Design’ accredited systems to suit every application from a single user with one property to corporate customers with hundreds of properties.

PID Systems alarms meet and exceed the SSAIB Enhanced TAS specification that major insurance companies are beginning to require security installers and users of this type of equipment to meet. In addition this system boasts 100% real time remote control from any internet connected device, full visual verification, automatic timer functions and management reporting features.

Perimiter / Boundary Fence Security

Metal theft is a growing problem in the UK including diesel theft from yards and it can be difficult to fully secure a perimeter with fencing alone. PID Systems Ltd. are specialists in the design, manufacture and rental of battery powered, wireless perimeter intrusion detection systems and can provide a range of solutions to meet the needs of most yard / compound perimeter fences and site boundaries. 

This technologically challenging field of activity demands constantly evolving products employing the latest hardware and software techniques to ensure our customers benefit from the highest possible detection performance while at the same time, offering the lowest possible false alarm rate.

The expertise of our staff, acquired over the last 10 years, ensures the performance and cost-effectiveness of our products, and being a technology led company, our customers can be assured of the highest quality of service from FOC surveys, installation, monitoring and maintenance of our market leading products. 

If you have a requirement for an electronic perimeter security system with a proven pedigree that can be supplied on a weekly rental basis at a cost to suit even the tightest budget, contact PID Systems and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Is it for me?

If any of the following criteria fit your needs, then our service is for you…

  • 1 week minimal rental

  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • No power or phone line required

  • Free site surveys

  • Armoured vandal resistant equipment

  • Market leading 4 year battery life

  • No civil work required to install equipment

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Police (ACPO CPU) ‘Secured by Design’ accredited

  • In-house 24/7 monitoring

  • Client online CCTV web access

  • Health and safety auditing

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