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Security alarm monitoring by PID-Systems in-house alarm receiving centres (ARC) ensures a rapid response to any alarm activation.

Manned 24/7-365 by our dedicated team of SIA licensed operatives, specialising in temporary site security monitoring gives our customers an unparalleled level of service.

Unlike our competitors who contract in third party ARC’s, PID offer a unique industry first service by only monitoring our own security hardware with our own highly trained staff in our own ARC.

When an alarm is activated at your premises, we will:

  • Assess the situation
  • Alert your assigned member of staff and your key holder
  • Contact the relevant emergency services if appropriate
  • Send a member of our security team to assess the situation at your site

In addition, we offer a Keyholder Care service – we will keep in touch with your keyholder to ensure their safety and initiate an agreed action plan if we do not hear from them within a specified time.

PID-Systems keyholder Care alert service is designed to help employers protect employees who act as keyholder and respond to activated alarms.

With Keyholder Care alert, an employee's mobile phone is allocated a unique reference number (URN) and a dedicated connection to PID-Systems alarm receiving centre (ARC).

When that employee is called to site by an alarm activation, a set time period is selected for the employee to report in by, or be contacted by the ARC to ensure they are safe.

If the employee fails to report in at the agreed time, an ARC operator will call the mobile device to check on the employee. If no acknowledgement of a safe return or an extension to the time window is received, the situation is immediately escalated with an emergency response.

Keyholder Care further enhances PID-Systems intruder security and monitoring services, assisting employers in protecting their field workforce as outlined by The Health & Safety at Work Act.