PID Systems can offer a versatile security solution to the unique needs of local authorities.  

The diversity and range of council property can prove difficult for traditional security solutions to secure. These include: empty buildings, large developments, offices and recycling centres.

PID Systems have successfully secured a variety of council property including libraries, recycling centres and park depots and have been working with a number of councils across the UK and Ireland.

Due to the upsurge in illegal fly tipping at waste disposal centres, it is becoming imperative to employ security measures at such sites.

PID hardware offers a cost effective and battery operated system which is a proven visual deterrent against potential intruders when combined with our free signage. Our equipment can be employed on a permanent basis or can be off-hired and re-installed as requested with free site surveys being conducted as and when they are required.

PID Systems can adapt to any surrounding – both externally and internally. Our equipment requires no wiring or services, which allows our equipment to be suitable for any environment. Without the need for continual engineer visits, our hardware proves to be a more economical choice when compared with traditional security systems or a man guard service. A four-year battery life ensures that our equipment will be reliable for the duration of a lengthy hire. Our hardware is immune to the problems experienced by traditional providers and is a cost-effective and economic alternative to man guard services and traditional security systems that lack the flexibility PID has with its batter powered, wireless range of products.

The PID System is supported by our fully equipped BS EN50518 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with a team of SIA trained operatives made up of retired police officers who ensure a 24 hour a day, reliable service.