Commercial and residential property refurbishment projects have seen a dramatic increase in unauthorised access and subsequent theft, vandalism and damage over recent years. 

Criminals taking advantage of the temporary lack of services and therefore redundant intruder alarm systems, access poorly secured doors and windows via scaffolding and help themselves when sites are vacated overnight and at weekends.  The cost of replacing stolen items and repairing damage can be high but also the resulting delays and inconvenience can cause problems.

If you are involved in this sector, you know that historically your choices are expensive manned guards requiring the provision of welfare facilities, or, traditional hard wired electronic security systems which are reliant on continued provision of the site power supply and telephone lines.

PID Systems use a range of purpose built visually verified standalone detectors, and 120 dB voice warning units that alert our 24 hour manned control room of intrusion allowing an immediate SIA Mobile Patrol / Police response. As our systems are armoured standalone, wireless, battery powered and work over 3G/4G there are no costly infrastructure works required, no impact on the fabric of the building and the modular systems can easily be relocated ensuring total security coverage as the project progresses.