Perimiter / Boundary Fence Security

Metal theft is a growing problem in the UK including diesel theft from yards and it can be difficult to fully secure a perimeter with fencing alone. PID Systems Ltd. are specialists in the design, manufacture and rental of battery powered, wireless perimeter intrusion detection systems and can provide a range of solutions to meet the needs of most yard / compound perimeter fences and site boundaries. 

This technologically challenging field of activity demands constantly evolving products employing the latest hardware and software techniques to ensure our customers benefit from the highest possible detection performance while at the same time, offering the lowest possible false alarm rate.

The expertise of our staff, acquired over the last 10 years, ensures the performance and cost-effectiveness of our products, and being a technology led company, our customers can be assured of the highest quality of service from FOC surveys, installation, monitoring and maintenance of our market leading products. 

If you have a requirement for an electronic perimeter security system with a proven pedigree that can be supplied on a weekly rental basis at a cost to suit even the tightest budget, contact PID Systems and we’ll be happy to provide a solution.