PID Systems are the ideal solution to protect large residential new homes sites. Our hardware currently secures a variety of new homes sites from the most popular and successful housebuilders around the UK and Ireland.

The unique adaptability of our hardware ensures that we can cover your assets from an initial demolition or ground works phase, right through to project completion and home handover.

PID Systems can protect your compound, plant, cabins and offices throughout the project life. As the project expands, our hardware can be used to protect completed plots with valuable assets stored internally, particularly whilst windows and doors are yet to be installed.

Boiler theft and copper theft are two of the biggest threats that face housebuilders. Our hardware can be deployed at the access points to completed plots to ensure security is upheld whilst awaiting handover to clients.

In addition, large new homes sites are dynamic and ever evolving operations with numerous phases. Our highly knowledgeable survey team can carry out free site surveys at any point of a residential build project, ensuring that your site is sufficiently secure at all times. PID will work with you as your build progresses.

Our equipment requires no external wiring therefore repositioning is simple.  PID equipment can be repositioned easily and efficiently as the build progresses and new plots are completed. A four year battery life ensures that our equipment will be reliable for the duration of a lengthy build project. Our hardware is immune to the problems experienced by traditional providers and is a cost-effective and economic alternative to man guard services and traditional security systems that can require extensive engineer call-outs.

The PID System is supported by our fully equipped BS EN50518 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with a team of SIA trained operatives made up of retired police officers who ensure a 24 hour a day, reliable service.