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Video Guard 360

VideoGuard360 units are an industry-first security solution for instant deployment to a diverse range of asset protection assignments.

These sectors include:

  • Construction site security
  • Civil engineering site security
  • Utility sector security
  • Vacant property security

The VideoGuard360 is an armoured, rapid deployment unit using a fully encrypted IoT visually verified operating system with DM-Top loader matrix enabling ultrafast 3-4g data package uploads. These units work remotely, communicating via the mobile networks with a built-in battery life of up to 4 years.

The units work autonomously or can be networked enabling highly tailored security coverage for any size site.

System Specification:

  • 3 x 5Mp HD Cameras with wide 10 degree horizontal field of view and adaptive high speed exposure control and compensation
  • 12 x Remote Configured Adaptive Smart PIR Sensors
  • 3 x 4000 lumen High Efficiency LED White Light Illuminators
  • 3 x 110 DB intruder detection audio warning speakers
  • Prerecord site Health and Safety announcement enabled
  • Rotational, Angular and Vibration based Anti-Tamper Detection
  • Programmable Range Active InfraRed Anti-Masking
  • Remote customer log-in & viewing capability
  • Remote ‘Guard Tour’ capability