Powerful Deterrent

SmartWater has been proven, both operationally and academically, to be one of the most powerful crime deterrents in the country. Criminals, both thieves and those that buy the stolen property, hate traceable goods as it makes them ‘too hot to handle’. The more traceable the property is, the less likely criminals will want to be found in possession of it.

Why is it a Deterrent?

In simple terms, as thousands of criminals have been convicted as a result of SmartWater evidence, the brand is well known to the criminal fraternity as a real threat.

Did you know?

SmartWater is the only forensic solution of its type that has all the necessary technical accreditation to be accepted as evidence in Court.

Here are some videos that explain how SmartWater works with examples of criminals being convicted, as a result of its use:

Combining the Deterrent

PID Systems works with SmartWater technology and is now able to offer you two of the most powerful deterrents in the country. When you sign up to use Videoguard360 on your site, you will have the additional option to register your most important assets on the SmartWater database for the period they are at risk.

SmartWater scientists will create a unique SmartTrace forensic liquid for your site. Registering your assets is simplicity itself – all you have to do is spray the unique solution onto the asset and that’s it – it’s registered!

Ask your PID systems surveyor for more information or visit the SmartWater website here: