Group Head of Assets & Fleet

“It’s cheaper than losing a generator, dumper truck or expensive materials and far better than your security guard getting beaten up”

BAM Nuttall
Project Manager

“We were looking for an innovative, cost effective solution to provide site security on our rail jobs in the west of England and Wales and were very impressed with the simplicity and versatility of the systems developed by PID which are standalone and do not require any rerouting of wiring or moving as a project progresses”

Project Manager

“PID Systems have an outstanding “can do” attitude.”

London Underground SWIP Earth Structures Projects
Senior Project Manager

“The PID System provides us with a flexible, economically efficient and effective security solution to deter unauthorised access into our sites at remote locations where we undertake the remediation of earth structures without the need for manned guards.”

Security Manager

“We have used PID Systems for over three years without a hitch. The staff are knowledgeable and thorough as well as provide sound advice and effective solutions. There will be continued engagement between us across our organisation.”

Wessex Water
Procurement Manager

“PID Systems are our only security provider”

SSE Rail
Senior Project Manager

“The best thing about the system is there is nothing to do, no lone worker setup required as it looks after itself”

Costain Group
Senior Works Foreman

“Fantastic, where we have no power or welfare facilities and super customer service”

Balfour Beatty
Hub Manager

“We have worked with PID for over 4 years now and their customer service is second to none. Their solution is innovative and effective and has transformed the way in which we deliver site specific jobs”

Arnold Clark
Head of Security

“Arnold Clark Automobiles have been successfully using the PID systems throughout Scotland and England for a couple of years now. This cost effective system has proved itself time and time again in the detection of offenders on our sites. The Battenberg design on the armadillo system provides a highly visible deterrent as well as the video monitoring and link up to the PID control room”