PID Systems have a breadth of experience in securing vacant property and are deployed across a large number of vacant properties in the UK and Ireland.

As squatting, theft and fly tipping becomes more prevalent within society, it is important to secure vacant property and the assets within them such as copper and lead.

PID Systems specialise in securing both commercial and residential property and can secure key access points, such as windows and doors using the PID system. Our highly knowledgeable survey team can carry out free site surveys, ensuring that your estate of buildings or building is sufficiently secure at all times.

Traditional security measures may only cover one point of view, however, PID hardware can maintain multiple viewpoints simultaneously, ensuring all entrances and exits are adequately protected whilst providing a strong visual deterrent.

With a four year battery life, PID Systems is the ideal solution when securing vacant properties on a long term basis. Our equipment requires no external wiring therefore positioning is simple.  Our hardware is immune to the problems experienced by traditional providers and is a cost-effective and economic alternative to man guard services and traditional security systems that can require extensive engineer callouts.

Due to the unmanned nature of vacant property, our own 24/7 BS EN50518 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is the ideal companion to our VideoGuard360 systems. Upon receiving notification of an alarm, our SIA trained team made up of retired police officers will ensure your keyholder or mobile response provider is contacted swiftly, ensuring a rapid and reliable service.