PID Systems is best known for its core product, the Armadillo VideoGuard 360 intrusion detection camera. Providing an industry-first security solution for instant deployment across a variety of asset protection assignments, we’re the market leader in temporary site security.

These sectors include:

The Armadillo VideoGuard 360 is our armoured, rapid deployment unit which features a fully encrypted loT visually verified operating system, with DM-Top loader matrix which enables ultrafast 3-4G data package uploads. VideoGuard 360® units work remotely, communicating via mobile networks with a built-in battery life of up to 4 years.

Known for their prominent visual appearance, 360° viewing angle and vocal warning system, the Armadillo VideoGuard 360 deters thieves from breaking and entering into your site. Considered as one of the top crime deterrents in the country, our VideoGuard 360 units are more commonly known as robots for their imposing presence.

System Specification: